How Design-Build Works


Peters Design-Build projects are handled by our integrated in-house team of architects, construction managers, foremen, carpenters, and apprentices. Our team manages every aspect of your project from inception through completion. Our team works under a single contract for both design and construction services. The integration of the designer and builder roles streamlines communication and means that the owner only has to work with a single point of contact throughout design and construction. The design-build model also improves cost effectiveness by lowering overhead costs. Our integrated team is fast and efficient because they work together on every project. The best part of going design-build is that there is a single party responsible for the success of every aspect of your project - Us! 


Peters Design-Build will work with you to realize your project within your budget. We manage your budget from start to finish, this means that we ensure that the design can be constructed within your budget, and then we build the project within the budget.  Our contracts are always structured as T&M with a not to exceed price (your budget). This means that if we complete your project under budget, you save money.


We believe in honesty and openness and are transparent with how money is being spent throughout your project. We think our fees are competitive and fair and are glad to share them:

Principal - $150/hr

Lead Architect - $115/hr

Architectural Designer - $85/hr

Construction Management - $95/hr

Skilled Trades - $80/hr

Apprentices/Laborers - $55/hr

Design Fee - 15% of project cost

Contractors Fee - 20% of project cost


Peters Design-Build provides and pays all subcontractors required to complete each project. From project start to completion, clients need not deal with anyone other than the Peters Design-Build Project Manager.